How Barb Went From Working For A Studio To Starting Her Own Business From Scratch (And Has Already Gotten Her First Student)

When Barb reached out to me, she was working at a local music studio and needed more students.
She felt like she wasn’t making the amount of money she deserved and couldn’t teach the way she wanted to.
But more importantly, she couldn’t live the life she wanted and felt like she didn’t have the confidence to find her own students and take action.
After she joined the Music Business Developer program, she has the ability to choose when she works, who she works with, and how much she gets paid.
In fact, she’s already gotten her first student within the first week of launching her new studio!
Watch the interview above to see how Barb was able to start her studio and has already gotten her first students in her first week!

Here's what we cover in the interview:

  • How Barb felt about working for someone else and why she wanted to change her life.
  • How Barb found the Music Business Developer Program at the perfect time in her life.
  • Andrew's best experience in the program so far and what you could look forward to experiencing also.
  • The exact steps on how she was able to transition from ground zero with no experience about marketing to starting her studio and already signing up her first student.
  • How she was able to overcome all her biggest struggles with self doubt and take action on her goals.
  • Her biggest results with the Music Business Developer Program so far.
  • Who this program is for and if this is the right fit for you.
  • Her thoughts on the Music Business Developer Program.
  • And much more...


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